Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lend Me A Tenor

Sorry I haven't posted in a while everyone, but I've been unbelievably busy. At my new school I decided to join stage crew, and the 11-13 of December was when we put on our play, Lend Me A Tenor.

I've basically just survived 'Hell Week', as the senior members call it.

When I first signed up I thought that I really wouldn't have to do much in crew, just place a few props or paint some scenery, and as a result I would have another club to list on my resume. I was so wrong.

Our set is amazing. We've built flats (canvas stretched tight over a wood frame) close to ceiling height which serve as walls and made sure they were secure, furniture for the set, built six perfectly functioning doors, as well as a divider in the middle to make it look like two separate rooms. Then we had to prime the entire thing, and paint the entire set several coats of either pink, blue, white, or black and then repaint then floor black afterwards. Not to mention all the insane little details (little lamps attached to the wall that actually work, a chandelier, etc.)

Here's a picture of part of the partially destructed set. There was a couch and rug on the floor, but it got moved.

So the week before the play started we had to stay after school some nights until 11 p.m., and when the play was actually going on we were usually there till 10:30.

However, despite serious lack of sleep, it was worth it.

The play is amazingly funny, and everything went perfectly. So anyway, I'll be posting a lot more from now on.