Sunday, March 01, 2009

City of Glass

The final novel in the Mortal Instruments Trilogy by Cassandra Clare will be coming out March 24! It's titled City of Glass. I'm extremely excited for this to come out, and jealous of all those lucky people with Advanced Reader Copies.

"I know how to wake her up." Ever since her mother had succumbed to an enchanted sleeping sickness with no apparent cure, Clary Fray has longed to hear these words — but her happiness is dashed when she learns that the cure exists only in Idris, the secretive Shadowhunters' home country, where she is forbidden to go. As the Council of the Shadowhunters prepared for war with Valentine and his massive demon army, Clary's brother Jace and the Lightwoods travel to the City of Glass, Idris' capital, taking newly-made vampire Simon with them — but leaving Clary behind in New York. Clary has to use all her ingenuity and newfound magical skills to get herself to the Glass City on her own, a dangerous action that makes her a hunted enemy of the Clave.

The City of Glass is like nowhere else Clary has ever been — its twisting streets hide a myriad of secrets, and the inhuman Clave relies on the ancient glass "demon towers" to keep the city safe from attack. As the Lightwoods struggle to convince the Clave that Valentine represents a threat the like of which they've never dealt with before, and Simon is thrown in prison as an enemy of the state, Clary, with help of her newfound friend Sebastian, must uncover the truth about her family's past to save not just her mother but also Jace, the boy she loves but can never have. When Valentine attacks the city and destroys the demon towers, Clary and her allies are all that stand between him and the total annihilation of all Shadowhunters. Love is a mortal sin and the past tangles inextricably with the present as Clary and Jace face down their father in the final installment of the Mortal Instruments.