Thursday, April 16, 2009

Google Verb Meme!

Wow...its been a while since posting! And I can't even say I was busy as an excuse. I'm in the middle of spring break right now though, which has been nice if uneventful. Anyway, I was planning on talking about some more books for this post (namely Gaiman's The Graveyard Book and the zombie-rific Pride and Predjudice and Zombies) However, its around 1:30 am right now, so I'm going to take the lazy way out and do a meme!

Its pretty simple, just type in your first name in google followed by a verb! Take a result from google and use it as your answer.

Alannah needs:
"Alannah needs convincing that she's all that and a warehouse full of chips"
^So true.

Alannah looks like:
"Alanna doesn't look like a man?!"

Alannah wants:
"Alannah wants to know. “Yeah, I do. He’s dirty, he’s crazy, and he’s a leech. But I know him a long time, and I know what he won’t do. ..."

Alannah does:
"Alannah does the skank."
^LOL. Apparantly its a dance.

Alannah hates"
"..... Alannah hates people who lie. ..."

Alannah asks:
"And Alannah asks them tenderly in a slow, quiet ballad featuring guitar, organ, accordion, and cello"

Alannah likes:
"Alannah likes to shoot."

Alannah wears:
"Does anyone know what red Alannah wears?"

Alannah was arrested for:
"Alannah ain't never been arrested for walking in her sleep ..."
^ can be arrested for that?

Alannah loves:
"Alannah loves dora the explorer"

You guys try it! Just type in (your name) and a verb in google!