Saturday, October 07, 2006

Why October Rocks:

October 2nd: Wintersmith, the new Terry Pratchett book comes out.

October 3rd: New Jet CD, Shine On in stores.

October 4th: First meeting of Junior Academy of Science

October 9th: Science fair thingy, which I’ll be going to with a bunch of my friends.

October 10th: We launch rockets in my physics class

October 12th: I have a field trip to the Renaissance Fair! I’m enetered in a singing competition with the rest of my chorus there.

October 13th: New (and Last?!) Snicket book, The End, come out

October 28th: I’ll be going to a Halloween party thrown by one of my friends.

October 31st: HALLOWEEN!! Probably the best holiday of the entire year.

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