Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I'm back!!

So you might be asking yourself where and what I've been doing these past days. Or you might not. Whatever since I'm going to tell you anyway!! I've had both my chorus and band concerts in the last two weeks. Our choral concert was...spectacular. Seriously. One local radio station even talked abut how good we were. And then there was my band concert. Which was good too, but not as much. (I'm a flute player for those who don't know) We played a good piece from Phantom of the Opera as one of our songs. But some of the other songs were ok. Our band teacher picks too many slow *cough*boring*cough* songs for us to play. When I get around to uploading some pictures of the concert I'll post them here.
And besides the concerts what have I been doing? Well actually a lot of stuff, but mostly the reason that I don't post as often is that I'm lazy. :D Hopefully I'll post some more stuff during Christmas brake.

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Joey (aka smart kid) said...

Welcome back! And Happy Christmas to everyone!