Saturday, February 10, 2007


So, there's a Twilight poetry contest on and I decided, what the hell, there's only like 28 members, I'm going to enter. Its basically a little bit of what Edward's thinking when he decides to leave Bella in New Moon. This is probably the first angsty poem I've ever written. Frankly, I think it too is crap, but whatever this is my blog. So I'm allowed to post my bad poetry on it. Anyway, you've been warned. Read at your own risk.

Why doesn't she see the demon inside?
I've hinted and warned her, I've tried, oh I've tried.
But does she listen to my desperate plea?
No! She refuses to flee from the bloodthirsty monster that lives inside me.
The beast that kills others to live it's unnatural life
Causing no joy, just sorrow and strife.
Oh, angel, sweet angel, if only you knew,
of my dark past and the true danger I pose to you.
True, I'm in love, but its just not meant to be,
Leave me to my damned, dreamless existence, your innocent soul deserves to be free.

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