Friday, August 17, 2007

Procrastinators Unite...Tomorrow

I've just become obsessed with podcasting. I must've downloaded like 15 in the course of two minutes or something...

My main problem is that I have to finish all of my honors english summer reading projects. And I'm having difficulty doing that. Because I can't stop procrastinating. And the back to school date is getting dangerously close.

I don't know about anyone else, but whenever I'm forced to do massive amounts of work for a school book it totally ruins the novel for me. I mean, I read The Book Thief earlier this year and I loved it. Still loved it after rereading. But when I had to read it again for my projects I began to dislke it. I'm so worried about what the teacher wants to see in my notes and how I should answer these paragraph long questions that I can't just enjoy the fablous writing.

On a different topic: Finished Eclipse. Rocked my socks off royally and then some. I don't know if I can survive waiting another year for Braking Dawn(the 4th book) to come out.

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Anonymous said...

Alannah, stop worrying. We all are. Just deal with it. I'll see you in school tomorrow.

-From you're good pal,