Monday, September 17, 2007

I have a good reason for not posting in a while. Nothing exciting happened. At all. Really.

I'm looking foward to seeing the movie Across the Universe. I think it comes out this Friday.

Its a musical. With Beatles songs.


Smiley2398 said...

Ok, this is almost scary how much Alannah and one of my cousin's have alike. (Maybe my cousin is 13 and as far as I know Alannah is 14 but what ever big deal, lol.) They both read the series by I think the authors name is Stephenie Meyer, they both like think Across the Universe looks good, they both listen to their ipods like a lot, and they both like coffee like a lot I guess. Well no one probably cares but what ever, lol.

Smiley2398 said...

(By the way I didn't mean to say "like" so many times, sorry!)