Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wordled Favorite Bands is awesome! I typed a list of my favorite bands, played around with the fonts and colors, and got this!

(click to see a larger image)

To make a list of occurence-weighted artists off of iTunes you can follow these steps*

1) In iTunes, select View Options under the View menu.
2) Turn off everything but “Artist.”
3) Select all and copy.
4) Search and Replace the word “track” with nothing.
5) Paste the results into the Create page.

*From Scott Westerfeld's blog


griffinrider said...

hey alannah! missed me? i've missed you and your blog so much. it's great to be back. spread the word that griffinrider's back to blogging. sorry it took so long. trust me, if it were up to me, i would've been back here three months ago.

Beachbum said...

that wordle thing is so cool! i tried it and mine came out so awesome. talk to you later.