Thursday, April 16, 2009

Google Verb Meme!

Wow...its been a while since posting! And I can't even say I was busy as an excuse. I'm in the middle of spring break right now though, which has been nice if uneventful. Anyway, I was planning on talking about some more books for this post (namely Gaiman's The Graveyard Book and the zombie-rific Pride and Predjudice and Zombies) However, its around 1:30 am right now, so I'm going to take the lazy way out and do a meme!

Its pretty simple, just type in your first name in google followed by a verb! Take a result from google and use it as your answer.

Alannah needs:
"Alannah needs convincing that she's all that and a warehouse full of chips"
^So true.

Alannah looks like:
"Alanna doesn't look like a man?!"

Alannah wants:
"Alannah wants to know. “Yeah, I do. He’s dirty, he’s crazy, and he’s a leech. But I know him a long time, and I know what he won’t do. ..."

Alannah does:
"Alannah does the skank."
^LOL. Apparantly its a dance.

Alannah hates"
"..... Alannah hates people who lie. ..."

Alannah asks:
"And Alannah asks them tenderly in a slow, quiet ballad featuring guitar, organ, accordion, and cello"

Alannah likes:
"Alannah likes to shoot."

Alannah wears:
"Does anyone know what red Alannah wears?"

Alannah was arrested for:
"Alannah ain't never been arrested for walking in her sleep ..."
^ can be arrested for that?

Alannah loves:
"Alannah loves dora the explorer"

You guys try it! Just type in (your name) and a verb in google!


lydia said...
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lydia said...

Hey thanks so much for the names of the books! I just relised that I already have the first one! I'm reading it now.

And lol. I'll have to try this now!

StAr said...

who dosnt love dora the explorer?

zombie pride and predjudice? ive read the original but not wiv zombies. sounds cool tho ;)

Beachbum said...

haha, i especially like that last one :)

i love those crazy post things, especially the itunes shuffle ones. i get the best results.
-Christine <3

StAr said...

still rooting for Dora

xXxVynnxXx said...

Haha, I tried to do this once, but I'm, like, apparently the only Brevyn in the whole wide world, so whatever. :(

wOlF said...

Hi, remember me. I have changed my name, and blog now, but still, see if you can tell.
Is that Pride and Predjuice and Zombies a good book? I saw a newspaper thing about it, and it looked good :)

Anyway, i know this seems a random comment, i just felt like it ;)