Saturday, June 23, 2007

So I'm in Florida again. The car trip actually wasn't that bad.
Right now I'm at Daytona Beach.

I'm so happy for my friend Eric right now. He submitted a poem to a contest and its been nominated to win. If he does he'll get 20,000 dollars. Even if his poem doesn't win it'll be published in a book with other entries. Here's the poem:


From the derision of my bliss,
Crawls the most twisted beast,
Born of joy and hate
It's eyes glow dimly with the words
Slipped from my tonuge
At the pure site of your grace
So I send you the beast
Your acceptence of it is all that matters
So I wait
With hours, minutes and seconds stammering around me
The words you speak, shatter my heart
Like stone to glass
It breaks down
And with the devil in your words
The beast comes crawling back,
Chains to my heart
It leaves its weight of gall on it
Pulling me down to
My once agile bliss
And for now, I burn in its flames

by: Eric Thomas Regan

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