Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Wow...I just logged on to blogger today and realized...this blog is now over a year old.

That's right folks. Alannah's blog: blogging to you about nothing for over a year now.

And in other, probably more important(at least to me), news...

My 14th birthday is this Saturday! And with it, the last three days of school are fast approaching. And once again the joyous state of existence known as summer vacation shall start.
Of course, summer vacation is a bit tainted now, because I've gotten my Honors language arts summer reading packet. Now its not the reading that bothers me, since as most of you know, I'm an enormous nerd who actually *insert gasp here* reads over summer vacation. (Plus, and extremely luckily, the book we have to read is The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. probably one of the most beautifully written, sad yet still hopeful, and all around great books I've ever read.)
Alas, its the enormous amount of work we are forced to do that depresses me.

At least I've got tomorrow's Dorney Park trip to cheer me up. Why am I going to so many amusement parks as school trips? No one really knows...but hey, I get out of school. I'll post some more pictures too.

And finally, check out my friend Joey's new blog.
Warning: It may bore you to death...( will only put you to sleep, not death) :D

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that_smart_guy said...

Yay, Alannah! Thanks for the link. And, people other than me who read this, my blog is actually VERY interesting. :-)