Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Panic At the Disco's New CD

Panic At the Disco has a new CD which will be released March 25. It's called Pretty. Odd. You can buy their first single from the new CD, Nine in the Afternoon, from iTunes now also.
And it turns out that Panic at the Disco has dropped the ! from their name. I've heard that the exclamation point was just put there by fans and it stuck.

Panic will also be headlining the Honda Civic Tour.


Nightmare said...

Well that's a strang title for their new CD...and sadly..I will slightly miss the ! in :Panic at the Disco...ow..for some reason my hand is hurting alot...what joy..

but yah..my lil "life like twilight" is weird...I'm just glad I have Noel back..woot woot..

Alannah said...

Yea, the title for their new CD is a little strange, but I kinda like it