Monday, January 28, 2008

Skydiving...Without a Parachute?

Sounds like death, right? Not for Jeb Corliss. I saw this guy on the Colbert Report a couple of nights ago, and I thought he was interesting. I've always been interested in extreme sports, but I'm way too chicken to ever try them.
Corliss's dream is flying, but not in a plane. He wants to jump out of a helicopter without a parachute AND land safely. How? With his wing suit. The wing suit workss sort of like a flying squirrel, for each foot he drops he glides three feet. Right now he has to wear a parachute, since if he wanted to land safely without one he would need a specially designed runway, which he actually has a design for. All he needs now is the funding.
Apparently, there's at least half a dozen other groups around the globe also working on the same goal as Corliss.

Here's some pictures of Jeb Corliss in his wing suit and two other skydivers over the Florida Keys.


wOlF said...

i would love to try that!! proberly 1 day it will be all the range and evryone will be doing it!!

Alannah said...

That would be pretty cool! Although if everyone was doing it it would sort of take the thrill out of it. Or maybe not.

wOlF said...

it kinda annoying when something becomes really big, because it kinda takes away from the uniqueness.

zanyzeldafan said...

lol that's awesome! i would never do it, but it sounds so cool XD