Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New (And Even More Dramatic) Pendragon Book Out

The new Pendragon novel (9th in the series), Raven Rise, is out today. I'm not sure if I really like the new cover art for the series. Its sort of...uglier than the previous ones.

Summary off Amazon.com
This is where it begins. The showdown for Halla. At stake is nothing less than all that ever was and all that will be.
There's only one thing missing--Bobby Pendragon.
While Bobby remains trapped on Ibara, the battle moves to his home territory: Second Earth. Mark Dimond and Courtney Chetwynde are left on their own to defend Second Earth against the forces of Saint Dane. They must face off against a charismatic cult leader who has risen to power by revealing a shattering truth to the people of Earth: They are not alone.
The Convergence has broken down the walls. The territories are on a collision course. The final phase of Saint Dane's quest to rule Halla is under way.
And Bobby Pendragon is nowhere to be found.

I don't know about you, but that summary might have been a little too dramatic. Just a little... :) . But I am intrigued, and I'm going to try and find the book this weekend.

I've been noticing some some similarities with the Pendragon series and the tv show LOST (which is also way too dramatic for its own good). Such as the whole weird time travel aspects, too many people dying all the time, the love triangles, and betrayles.

And look what else I found!Its the 6th Artemis Fowl book cover!

Ooooohh, shiny! And green! :) ------------------------>


griffinrider said...

you're right, that cover is a bit ugly.

EMD said...

i'm wondering if pendragon has anything to do with this amazing anime movie called Howl's Moving Castle. In the movie one of Howl's pseudonames was Pendragon.

xXxVynnxXx said...

ArTeMiS FoWl!!!! *hyperventalates* lulz, thanks, and my bangs only look so freaking short because they were curly at the time.

StAr said...

my sis is addicted to the artimas foul books(is that how u spell is?!)

you ar eon my link list because............ um, your like one of the first people i started blogging to and well, ermmm you havent deicided im too much of a wierdo to blog to!

Beachbum said...

hey alannah. i just wanted to let you know that pictures of Harper are up on my blog if you get a chance to check it out.

i've never really gotten into artemis fowl. i started reading it but i eventually put it down. maybe i'll pick it up again.

Rien said...

I've never read the pendragon series. Is it any good? Your right, I've seen some of the covers of the pendragon books, and that one didn't look so good.

I LOVE that movie "Howl's Moving Castle". It was so good. I read the book to but it was kinda different from the movie.

justshauna said...

i dont like the pendragon books that much... they just keep doin the same thing on a different world... it gets boring...

Karl Halliday said...

You read too much - CORRECTION - I read too little.