Thursday, May 15, 2008

Computer Destroying Ants

Houston is home to a new invasive species of ant, thought to have arrived via a container ship in 2002. The as-of-yet unidentified species is colloquially referred to as the crazy raspberry ant for its erratic foraging habits, appearing to dart in every direction but straight ahead. The ant has quickly become a nuisance both to the local ecology and to the people living with them. They are omnivorous and will eat everything from flora to other insects and even the hatchlings of a local grouse called the prairie chicken. They have destroyed all matter of electrical equipment, insinuating themselves into fire alarms and sewage pumps, mucking up the works as they go.
While the species is already too widespread and established for any hope of eradication, even simple population control is proving to be difficult. The animals are not attracted to the usual poison bait traps and so require specialized extermination. The colonies are polygyne (having multiple queens) and may even be interconnected into supercolonies, making colony destruction nearly impossible. Even when individuals are killed, the survivors will smartly pile their dead over the pesticide-treated areas to cross to safety.
(Woooo! I made the entire paragraph a link! :) )

A pic of the crazy raspberry ant, which are attracted to electrical wires, and have ruined several people's computers, among other things.

Its news stories like this that make me REALLY glad I don't live in Texas.
I finished the Host, which is 600+ pages in a DAY. IT IS AMAZING. (I know I'm using caps in this post more than usual, but the Host is just that good.) So if you're in a book store soon, go check it out! Another great thing about Stephenie Meyer's new novel is that it also proves she's successful at writing other stuff besides her best-selling Twilight saga.


xXxVynnxXx said...

Haha, cool, I'll have to see if they have it at Wal mart here.

Bob Lejeune said...

Maybe they'll eat up the ranch at Crawford, TX

wOlF said...

urggh bugs make my skin crawl (shudder) im glad the hoast is good, because i thought it wouldnt be as good as twilight! yay im looking forward to it now!!

StAr said...

woah. geez, now i feel all shivery, like when you fell like bugs r on you and stuff!!


cannot wait till it comes out here!!!!!!!

Alannah said...

star, I got that same feeling when I first read about the ants. I don't want to seem all girly girly but I really DO NOT like bugs.

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