Saturday, July 19, 2008

Time For Some Capaignin'

Here's an incredibly funny video from about the upcoming election, in a rather catchy tune. :) Even after the fifth time watching it I can't stop laughing.

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flowers-in-the-kitchen said...

heyahhs cool blog

just thought i'd say hi

so . . . hi


Agent Riot said...

hey how can I get the counter?

have u ever heard of Placebo? My favs are 36 degrees, nancy boy, and the bitter end. :) My blog is, let me know what u think!

Agent Riot

Krosemarie said...

I luv this video!!! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog, by the way!! it is really appriciated!! -Krosemarie

Karl Halliday said...

That was actually quite an impressive comment because (and I rarely do this) I totally agree. The lyrics in Muse's songs are, well, powerful and very meaningful. And I can relate to that - very little people here have heard of Muse too. Just a few people know of them. I know them quite well because I play in a Muse cover band. We rarely play though. I can play several songs though on guitar including Knights of cydonia and the riff in plug in baby. i can play exo-politics on drums and the piano riff in new born too. Yeh, muse really is the best band out there...

Beachbum said...

i saw that on the other day. it' s a pretty good one. i love the videos they had for the '04 election were hilarious. you should check them out. bye.

Mella said...

You changed the settings of your blog! Maybe that's just me. =D

Long time no talk.

The video won't load. =[

Kat said...

I LOVE jibjab!!!