Monday, July 28, 2008

30 Gigs of Awesomness: A Day At Warped Tour

My second time at the Warped Tour was better (and rainy-er) than ever! Woot!

First, the best part of the day: I got to meet the band Ludo! Not only did I take a couple of pictures with Andrew Volpe, the lead singer and one cool dude, but the entire band signed my the back of my ipod!! And one of the band mates before signing my ipod was like, "30 Gigs of awesomeness!" I really couldn't phrase it any better than that. :D

On a side note, when it comes to meeting anyone even vaguely famous I act like a total dork. For instance, upon meeting the members of Ludo I just sort of smiled dumbly a lot instead of having a normal conversation or discussing their music.

The only really bad part of the day was when it started raining (then pouring, then hailing) right before Relient K came on. The whole place started flooding and I had to wade threw inches (inches, people, inches) of water in my flip flops while it was hailing. Fun! Even though I had an umbrella I still got soaked. But after 20 minutes the rain sorta died down, and the sun came back out like nothing had happened.

I saw Ludo, The Academy Is..., Angels and Airwaves, All Time Low, Cobra Starship, Gym Class Heroes, Pennywise, Relient K, Say Anything, and Story of the Year. All were great. :)


flowers-in-the-kitchen said...

wow, that sounds like a really awesome festival!! you are soo lucky to have met a band!! (ok, ok so ive never heard of them, they sound pretty cool)

and dont worry about acting like a total dork, i do that in front of everyone!

you have good taste in music by the way =]


Andrew Clarke said...

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xXxVynnxXx said...

Ludo and The Academy Is... rock. ROCK, I SAY!!! oh, and the rain rocks too, I don't get to be out in it often... :(