Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Moving Day

I've mentioned this briefly in comments and elsewhere before, but this is the first time I'm posting about it. Anyway, I'm moving to Delaware.
Tomorrow we're going to rent a truck and move over most of our stuff to the house we're renting before school starts August 26th. (ugh!...So soon!)

I'm not really too fond of my new house, but we really did have to move (because of my dad's job). I guess I'm sort of OK with it. At least I get to take Driver's Ed for free this year at my new school.
One of the worst things about it are the bugs. We've been staying in the mostly empty house for a couple of nights now and we've been finding all sorts of nasty insects and spiders. I think the worst is this thing. We have like a freakin' infestation of these disgusting little (actually not so little, more like two inches long) creatures!

They're called house centipedes and are insectivores. They eat a lot of other insects (which I suppose is good), and they can grow 2-3 inches long. And, did I mention, they bite.
I really do not care how beneficial these guys are. They CREEP me out. Especially after finding one crawling around on your bed. *shudders*
Does anyone else have these things in their house?
Anyway, I'll be posting more about the move and my new house later. I do have some good news though. Twilight the movie's release date has been moved closer by three weeks! This means it'll be coming out on November 21st instead of December 12th!!


Bob Lejeune said...

Best wishes with your new house, new school and new school year.

An exterminator ought to be able to get rid of these critters in a jiffy.

Ingrid Kael said...

Good luck. I know how hard it can be to move.
I'm taking French and Theater Arts in high school.
Finding a centipede in your bed is uber creepy. I do kinda like them though. I did a research paper on them in 6th grade. Did you know that most centipedes have an average of 38 legs? Ok, that was nerdy, sorry. Anyway, huse centipedes are very common, though all I've had to deal with inside my house is silverfish, which are kinda like centipedes.

Ingrid Kael said...

oops I spelt house wrong the 1st time. <:)

CeceliaRose said...

ouch, yucky!
I know, I can't beleive harry potter changed their release date! twilight is 22 days sooner!

xXxVynnxXx said...

wow! I hope you like Delaware!! (that's a weird bug). and our school starts tomorrow!! you're so luckee!!

Beachbum said...

that bug would freak me out to! we have other bugs because our house is kinda old but i've never seen those.

i hope the move is okay. are you close enough to still stay in touch with your old friends? and my school starts 8/26 too! one more week of freedom.

almost forgot, AHHHH! i can't believe twilight is comming out even sooner! i'm going to text my friends right now to tell them!

StAr said...

good luck!

i am changing school, im going to high school, and im shaking!!

braeking dawn, is not better that the first one.

justshauna said...

i was at the mall and there was that kind bug in the dressing room and i scream,"WHAT KINDA BUG IS THAT A FORIEGN BUG?!" so now its an inside joke that your in on... lol :)