Monday, August 04, 2008


Breaking Dawn was released three days ago!!

And yes, I have finished reading all 754 pages of it.

I'm sort of...speechless about it at the moment. NOT in a bad way. Its I really never expected her to write something like that. I'm not going to give away any spoilers in this post because I know a lot of people haven't read/finished it/don't care. But I am going to say a few things about it.

Ok, the sort of bad thing about it first: It was, (how do I put this?), fanfiction-y. Of course, Stephenie Meyer's writing was a trillion times better than any fan fiction writer out there, but still... Some of the things in the plot...

On the plus side, it was still an excellent read. I enjoyed it immensely, and I really do believe that she ended the series (at least those from Bella's point of view) very well. The ending was a whole lot better than that of the 7th Harry Potter book's in my opinion.

Also, I adored the section that was from Jacob's point of view!! I'm hesitant to admit this, but I may have liked it even more than the part from Bella's. Jake's funnier than Bella and the whole werewolf pack thing was very interesting to read about.

I'm also extremely happy that Jake imprinted on someone. I won't say who though.

Oh, and: Renesme? Really Stephenie, what were you thinking? I guess she wanted an original name or something. Whatever...

By the way, where did all the commenters go? Its feeling kinda lonely here.


flowers-in-the-kitchen said...


grrr, why do they release books in america before in england!? im glad it was good, last books in series are usualy dissapointing, so im glad you say it ends well =]

good for jacob too!

and does someone have a baby girl? (edward and bella?) because reneesme, is a mix of their mums names, which may be a name for a baby (random thought i know, but ah well)


Ingrid Kael said...

I totally agree with everything you said except the fanfiction comment. Although I am a little biased, I haven't read any of the fanfiction. I do have another comment about it. It just that... well, some parts seemed a little predictable. Lke the whole blood thing with baby.

I am very close to being done, I've been trying to save some of it though. It's so fantastic that I really would like to just plow through it, but I want to be able to savor it too. Urgh, it's almost too good! :)

Ingrid Kael said...

Oh, and one other thing.
The Vampires from around the world are SO AWESOME! Of course I'm also thankful for the "vampire index" in the back of the book (like Jacob would be ;))

Beachbum said...

i'm so excited that it's good! i am getting really frustrated with the slow delivery of my pre-order copy. i hope to get it by wednesday or thursday.

on another note, didn't griffinrider say she was supposed to be back by the end of july? i've been missing her commments.

and i just wanted to add from another post, i'm super jealous of your signed iPod! that is soooo cool. i wish i could meet them.
talk to you later.

flowers-in-the-kitchen said...

ahh, that is soo adorable

i finaly have the book, i havnt finished it yet, but i think it seems ok so far, it just seemed to me like she kinda rushed the wedding and everything, but it seems good.