Sunday, September 24, 2006

Twilight Fans Unite!

My parents drove me for 2 hours to get to Borders bokstore in Bridgewater, New Jersey for the Twilight and New Moon booksigning. Stephenie Meyer, the author, was there answering questions and signing copies of the books. I had a great time, and I got to meet tons of other Twilight fanatics, not to mention the author Stephenie Meyer herself. Here's some pictures I took
My signed copy of Twilight.

Me and Stepheine Meyer{and someone's thumb :) }
Two girls who were standing in line in front of me, waiting to get their books signed.
Meredith, Shawn, Amanda, and Caitlyn, four Twilight fans who I made friends with during the booksigning.
The author Stephenie Meyer answering questions before the book signing.
And finally, here's a picture of one of the balloons I snagged from the bookstore. It says 'I love Edward Cullen' curtesy of my black sharpie marker. :D


Edwards Baby said...

hey it's cait, i made this my cell phone background. i love the pic sooo much!!!!!!!!! Love the other pics too. do u have a myspace?

Alannah said...

yeah, I have a myspace, cann't remeber it though. I love my edward balloon so much!