Sunday, May 27, 2007

1st Place!

This Friday the band and chorus from my my school, which I'm both in, competed agaisnt other schools and thousands of kids at the Hershey Park competition.

And very long story short...We got 4 first place awards!! They were:

  • 1st place chorus for junior high
  • 1st place band for junior high
  • 1st place overall for chorus of all the schools, junior high and middle school
  • 1st place overall for band of all the schools, junior high and middle school

Here's all the pictures I took throughout the day

Some of my friends and me, being bored on the 2 and a half hour bus drive.

^ There's one of the many rows of buses, and if you look closely in the backround, you'll see the building were we had to meet for the award ceremony.

Here's some pictures of the entrance to the park, and my friends and me.

And finally, pictures of the trophies!

The ride home was actually pretty exciting too.
My friend Joey asked out my other friend Ashley in front of the whole bus and she said yes. They're really cute together :D
And our busdriver got pulled over because he was doing 82 miles an hour.

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