Friday, May 18, 2007

So, I saw My Chemical Romance at Bamboozle. Let me tell you, they were freaking amazing. Not to mention all the other bands that were great too. Plus I got to go crowdsurfing :D very cool.
Unfortunately, I didn't get to take any pictures of my friends and I at the festival since cameras weren't allowed in. Plus, I wasn't anywhere near close enough to the stages to get good pictures with my crappy cell phone camera.
The only really bad part about going to bamboozle was the huge amounts of people. Seriously, if you were in the front of the stage you'd end up getting pushed and stepped on the whole time. Oh, and all the drunk people there were annoying. But it was worth it to see M.C.R. with my friends. Plus, I've got a ton of funny/stupid/weird stories to tell people now.

Oh, and I've found out news about where M.C.R. got food poisoning from. It turns out they got sick in Williamsburg, West Virginia with salmonella poisoning at the Green Leaf cafe. A lot of angry fans are actually sending death threat letters to the owners. Wow...

I'm also excited about Friday next week. That's the day my choir is competing against choirs from all over my state at Hershey Park. I'll probably be able to take some pictures from that.

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