Saturday, December 29, 2007

Inkheart Fanfic

After hearing that the Inkheart movie would be coming out soon I started rereading Inkheart and its sequel, Inkspell. And I ended up writing a fanfic for them.
This is actually the first thing I've written for in a while. It's not great or anything, and it's kind of short, but at least it's got my creative writing skills started again.
I've been so swamped with writing stuff for school (Mrs. Mancini, can you please give us less essay assignments?), and it's good to write something for fun again.

Here's my fanfic page where you can find a link to the story:


wOlF said...

i really like your list of quotes!!


Asha said...

Hey I can't believe the Inkheart movie is coming out in the states soon! I've been waiting for Inkdeath to come out for like a year! I love those books, Cornelia Funke is an awesome writer. Anyway i like ur blog, keep writing!