Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Is this the new Maximum Ride book?

I found this on amazon. Is this really the cover for the fourth Maximum Ride novel? It's pretty weird looking, not like any of the other covers. Oh well, I just hope the story's good.
Anyway, Maximum Ride: The Final Warning is supposed to be coming out March 17, 2008.


Accey said...

I heard it's coming out on the 18th, but, since we're probably far away, it's probably the time difference. I'm so psyched about the fourth, but it's tkaing soo long (ugh).

Your Fellow Blog Writer,

wOlF said...

I love the book too!!
if u g on the offical site and go on 'fangs blog' go on the link on the latest post and you can read an extract! it dosnt say much but is still interesting!!


Anonymous said...

i read all the xtracts! they r great. can't wait 2 get the book