Monday, December 03, 2007

Sweeny Todd

Johnny Depp's new movie with director Tim Burton is: Sweeny Todd and the Demon Barber of Fleet Street. It's an adaptaion of the musical, and it looks like its going to be pretty interesting. What more could you want from a movie? It's got murder, musical numbers, and Johnny Depp!


zanyzeldafan said...

oh my gosh is that the actress for bellatrix lestrange in hp? looks like it.
i love johnny depp. he's such a fabulous actor. <3

wOlF said...

I love johhny depp too!!! it is the actress that plays bellatrix lestrange, she is also the voice of the corpse bride and she is marride to tim burton who did the nightmare before christmas and a bunch of other johhny depp films!!