Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I saw the movie Jumper this Sunday! It was awesome! The special affects were dazzling, and teleporting=way cool. I'm not going to tell you how it ends, just that I don't really like the ending. Its far to open, and they make it obvious that there's going to be a sequel.

I really should stop posting so much about the Twilight movie, and more about my own problems or whatever. But I can't seem to. Oh well.

Picture of all the Cullens in the Twilight movie!!

I'm impressed.


Fumiko Dream! said...

Hey! I'm Nichol, I was looking at blogs and I saw yours so I decided to Check it out. Was Jumper a good movie I wanted to go see it but really had no time. I was wondering if you were excited about the Twilight Movie. I wasn't that sure because the Movies aren't always as good as the books but they Cullen Family looks pretty good especially Alice. I can't Patterson is perfect for Edward but truthfully no one is. Well I hope I hear from you!

Alannah said...

Jumper is definitely an entertaining movie.

I'm actually really excited about the Twilight movie. I know it can never be as good as the book, but I'm hoping that Summit films will do a good job with the movie anyway.

Fumiko Dream! said...

Yeah, I think I'm going to see Jumper this weekend! I'm so excited. As for Twilight I will still see but if it's nbot good I think I will be depressed until I'm able to read the next book though I can't deny I'm not excited!

mella-marie said...

I'm not impressed.


Twilight is AMAZING.



Ok I'm calm now but they're choices are so bad. I think.

Jumper. What's it about? Never even heard of it but then I am totally ignorant (sometimes) of the outside world.

Diagonilly! said...

I was surprised how Pattinson actually looked alot like I pictured Edward. Of course no one will look exactly like him- but Gaspard Ulliel definitely doesn't. Not to me, at least...
But they got the rest of the cast now? I'm such a bad fan, I didn't know. -.- Rosalie looks horrible, that's all I'm saying. :X
Anyway, Jumper looks cool but I haven't seen it yet. :(

wOlF said...

i loved jumper!! did you know that the one jumpy guy that he met played the little lad in billy elliot? i liked him. alot.

StAr said...


jumper is soooo fab!!
i love his mate you know the other jumper guy?, he is billie elliot in billy elliot the film!!
hes sooo cool and has hair that is wiked!


Emment dosent look right and carlsie is not goodlooking enough!

havva nice day!