Monday, February 11, 2008

Stone Age Inventions and a Cast Update

I'm really not liking my World Cultures class right now. I've got two 2 page essays due this Friday about Stone Age inventions and the argricultural revolution. Yet here I sit typing this post instead of working on them. I'm such a procrastinator.

By the way, what do you guys think is the most important invention of the stone age? Would it be tools, language, or the ability to control fire?

In Twilight related news...

We already know that Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson have been cast as Edward and Bella. Here's all the other parts that we know so far:

Justin Chon.......Eric

Anna Kendrick.....Jessica

Cam Gigandet......James

Michael Welch.....Mike

Michael Welch is pretty cute!! :D

For some strange reason, I am oddly excited for Valentine's Day, which is in 2 days.


mella-marie said...
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mella-marie said...


I mean I don't have it hear. But what do you learn about..well yeah world cultures but isn't that kinda random and made-up?

W/E. I fell sorry for you. I have loads of German coursework. Advertising our school.

Fun =S

Alannah said...

its kinda like learning about different ountries etc. and geography and history and all that sort of stuff.

mella-marie said...

Oh so humanities. I get it. =)

How are you? You had a fever right.

You recovering?

Alannah said...

I'm fine now, thanks for asking. :) Its way too cold here though. Its only 8 degrees right now!!
And whats scary is that I'm used to it.

mella-marie said...

I like the cold.

I would say for cavemen that fire would be the most useful and long-term item.

I mean we still use it and it provided heat, safety, cooking means and ways to boil water.

Although you've probably done it already.

I wouldn't chose language because they would have found SOME way to communicate.

Sorry I was just thinking through...cavemen.

=D x