Thursday, February 07, 2008

Release Date of Breaking Dawn!

OMIGODOMIGOD!!! Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer is coming out August 2!!!! Only 177 more days to go :D

I wasn't expecting it to be out so early. I thought it was going to be coming out in like, September. It's great that Stephenie worked so hard to get this out in August. Espicially since Breaking Dawn is going to be around 800 pages.

I'm really hoping the Borders near me will be having a release party for Breaking Dawn.

In May, Stephenie will also be posting a part of Breaking Dawn and the cover on her website.


mella-marie said...


Thats great. But depressing. I live in UK so it doesn't come out for like two months after. Oh well. :)

I love MCR! I just saw you had them on your profile.

I love them. What's your favorite song?

Jordan said...

oh my. This is great. So is it from Edwards point of view??

wOlF said...

yay!!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait, but i live in the uk too! (sigh) ive got all my friends hooked on the books now!!

Alannah said...

No, Breaking Dawn will still be from Bella's point of view. Midnight Sun is going to be from Edward's.

I love all of MCR's songs so its hard to choose one. Maybe either Famous Last Words, You Know What they do to guys like us in prison, Helena or Dead!

What about you?

mella-marie said...


But depressed. She can't just END IT.

Oh well. I can't wait for midnight sun. Sorry to hear about your feaver.

mella-marie said...

I love Tamora pierces books. Which one/ology is/are your favourites?

wOlF said...

its sad when seriesis end, i got really into the series of unfortunate events when i was littler, and when it ended i went kinda mad . . .

Alannah said...

I'm sad about Breaking Dawn being the last too (not counting Midnight Sun). At least we have the movies to loook forward too

I think my favorite by Tamora Pierce would either be Song of the Lioness of the Immortals Quartet

I liked the series of unfortuanate events too! It was a bit sad how tey ended it.

Alannah said...

eugh...after I posted the last comment I just noticed how bad my grammer was.

I meant to instead of too

Song of the lioness Or immortals quartet

and they instead of tey

Anonymous said...

It comes out two days later in the UK not two months. It comes out on August 4th in the UK, you can preorder it on Amazon UK.

The spannish version doesn't come out for two months after.