Tuesday, February 05, 2008

People Who Ban Books Suck

Anyone here ever read a book called Looking for Alaska by John Green? My friend Joey and I did. It's a brillant,well written and touching novel. And yes, at the end it made me cry a little.

So why do some people want to ban it?

11th graders in Depew, NY are going to be reading Looking for Alaska. Since the book has what some consider "controversal" issues in it they sent out a form and let the parents decide whether they want their children to read it or not. Fine, right? But then a small group of parents who DON'T even have children in 11 grade decide that the book is "pornography" and they don't think ANYONE should read it. What is up with that?

Book censors aren't trying to protect their own children, they're just telling everyone else what they should or shouldn't be allowed to do and think. These aren't people who want others to make better choices. They want to prevent people from doing anything they disagree with. And that's STUPID.
Often the banners do not even read the novels fully. Not to mention the fact that there's stuff on TV (not to mention some of the classic novels we have to read for school) everyday thats so much worse then anything you'd ever find in this book.
Books were meant to be read. You shouldn't try to get a book banned just because you don't like it.

John Green himself on the matter:

Go to www.nerdfighters.com to help or send an email to sparksflyup@gmail.com


wOlF said...

its stupid that people can ban things just because they think its stupid or rude or somethig, evryone has different opinions on evrything, just because you dont like something doesnt mean other people will too! grr people bug me sometimes!

Courtney (your stalker) said...

Lalalaaaaaa! -cough-

Oh, this should be serious. -smacks self in head-

How dare they ban books! I don't think books should be banned for certain reasons. Some can (like that book Hitler wrote-- dun remember what it was called though). But I think people should be more reasonable. I mean, it's just a book. I only think books should be banned if they try to influence us to hate, kill, steal, etc. against others because of their race, religion, etc. (etc. means I'm too lazy to type more).

Remember those crazy Harry Potter burning freaks? Lawl. Total nut-jobs.

Yes, I am rambling. I can't help it. XP

Alannah said...

Burning books is just one step away from burning people

mella-marie said...

Totally. The book which hitler wrote was something like my camp. Something like that.

But why NOT burn harry potter? Ok. That's harsh but I don't see what the big fuss is about? I'm not really a fan.

Anyway its your CHOICE to read what you want. Banning porn doesn't stop it being made and banning books won't stop them being read.

Its like cutting out someone's heart with a blunt spoon. Ouch.

Ick. It's barbaric.