Tuesday, April 01, 2008


It's April Fools Day! Did anyone play any good pranks or get pranked on?
Everyone at my school just basically forgot about it.

I'm usually not the kind of person to obsess about clothes or shoes or anything, but I absolutely adore these shoes!! They're converse! With purple laces!

Shooooeeeessssssssssssssss :D


justshauna said...

yeah! SHOES! i have some old beat up red converse that i had everyone @ my school signed! they totally rock! and yes i played a pretty gewd prank... i just moved to west virginia but my friends and i are really tight already and i go up to my friend and say,"i have some bad news... im moving back to oklahoma." and she freaked... she was SO mad @ me! but she got over it....lol
*just shauna*

justshauna said...


xXxVynnxXx said...

those re cute! everyone at my school forgot too.

griffinrider said...

one of my really colse friends terrified of spiders. so, being the nice and considerate people that we are, my other friend and i decided to put a fake spider in her locker. thing is, we couldn't find the spider. but i did find a small plastic walrus. so we hung that from a string in her locker instead. when she saw it, she just laughed. still, it's the thought that counts, right?

justshauna said...

lol! nice one!

-Gemz- said...

love the shoes, i just bought a new pair for my birthday xD

yea the book is like a reinvention of bram stokers dracula

i got it of sum website ill try and find the address and post it on my blog xD

Gemzx x

StAr said...

i LOVE converse, i have LOADS of pairs!
um, my mate said she was moving then went, APRILS FOOLS!
i didnt belive her anyway...

whats the difference between milk, and soya milk??


havva nice day

Suzanne=p said...

my favorite pair is too small for me! so sad. they were gray with baby blue details. i miss them. yours are sweet. i love the tye dye. i can never find cool things like that, only normal ones.

wOlF said...

ooooh i like those!! the only shoes you'll ever find me in is converse, ive never seen ones like that though, very nice

mella-marie said...