Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cascades of Ice

Some of you have already seen this up on my deviantart page but I thought I'd post this pic here for two reasons:
1: People seem to actually like it, and/or think it looks cool
2: It's Springtime! So I thought I'd post this picture as a sort of farewell gesture to all things wintry, icy, and cold (ie. Most of the things that make me miserable)

I actually took this picture in a parking lot! I know it looks like I trekked out to some rocky cliff in the middle of winter to take it, but this cropping of rocks was at the end of a mall parking lot. Despite being a 14 year old girl, I find that I actually prefer nature like this most of the time to the often too crowded, boring mall I live near.
In other news:
The Bamboozle Festival is this Saturday! And I still haven't gotten tickets. What am I thinking?
I'm going to be posting a review for a cool book called Generation Dead which I just finished reading and should be reaching a bookstore near you,


griffinrider said...

wow, that's beautiful! i wish parking lots looked like that where i live.

StAr said...

OMG, that is soooo pretty and cool(gte it ice cool?) lol.

havva nice day!

Mella said...

LOL. I didn't know where abouts the canary islands were before I went.

Ice in April? Lucky you. Its beautiful.

Spel it rite alredy said...

Lucky? Heh, over where I live it snowed again today. Like two whole freaking inches. In may. On mayday. It's just not right. That's an excellent picture though.

This is probably going to seem REALLY REALLY REALLY annoying to you all after a while... why don't you look at the site buddingwriters.ipbfree.com, like I've said a thousand times and am already starting to hate it?

Bob Lejeune said...

Very nice. There are pictures everywhere you look.

jelly said...

woah. that is soooo pretty!!!

imagen touching thr ice, the cool ness will pierce your skin like a knife through a blade......


wOlF said...

wow thats really pretty. like griffinrider said you dont get parking lots like that neer me