Friday, April 18, 2008

A Guy Reading Twilight?!

*gasp* How can it be?

Ok...That was a little over dramatic. I actually know several guys who have read Twilight (shout out to Dan!), but this is the first website by a dude to actually record his reactions to the books chapter by chapter.

Check out his website, which has been doing exceeding well considering he only just started it very recently and has only reveiwed the first chapter of Twilight. I'm looking foward to following this site :)


Beachbum said...

haha. that's cool. i'll keep checking it. it looks like it will be quite amusing. bye.

xXxVynnxXx said...


-Gemz- said...

im gonna keep an eye on that website too!
GCSE's are test that we take in yr 11 of school, but im in yr 10 so im kinda outta my depth a bit! Help!

Gemzx x

mella-marie said...

Lucky you. =D

Kat said...

haha sounds funny.

StAr said...

hhahah, thats guurrdddd.

i wonder if the guys love edward, who dosent??

guess what, the host inst a bella book, of even an edward book, i was sooo shocked, i didnt even know this?? call myself a fan!!

havva nice day!

wOlF said...

wow, i didnt really see it as a guy book. Shame on me.

ya, like star said, do guys find edward irrisistable, or do they find him kinda annoying, hmm will be interesting.

sorry i havnt posted in a while i am back now XD

xXxVynnxXx said...

you could always dye it your fave color. blue is one of my fave colors, but black is my overall, and I wouldn't dye my hair black because I would look stupid! tho cool, stupid.

Kaleb - said...

The best was when Steph visited and said it made her laugh. Doesn't get much better than coming from The Queen herself ;)

Alannah said...

Yesss!! The actual author of has commented on my site! :D

Thanks kaleb!