Sunday, April 13, 2008

Where's Your Favorite Place to Think?

Do you have a place where you like to think the best?

For me its whenever I'm on a bus or in a car looking out a window and watching the world go by quickly while I'm sitting still. My mind just sort of goes blank but at the same time focuses, and I'm able to think about things more efficiently. It's sort of hard to explain. That's one reason why I love taking long bus or car trips. I usually come up with a lot of ideas for stories on them.


akared said...

I usually think a lot right before I fall asleep. I'm most peaceful at that time, and my mind is clear and I have nothing to worry about in that one second because all there is left to do in that day is close my eyes and sleep. :)

Kat said...

mm I'm with akared on this on. But I guess for me it also concerns what I'm thinking about. That time right before I fall asleep is when I do my real thinking. About life right now and what it mean to just be. ...hmm...s
peaking of which...i'm sleepy ... :P 's almost midnight...night night!

mella-marie said...

Anywhere outside. Or in bed. It depends how much is rushing through my mind.

You play the flute? Good for you.


justshauna said...

i think really weirdly when im in bed and when im in the shower. everyone says thats the best place to think, but my thoughts r really weird in the shower... sometimes i get lost in thought thinking about how i get lost in thought!............. srry i just did it again!!! :p!!

just shauna

xXxVynnxXx said...

I also like to think in the car or bus. I usually think while I'm laying in bed or falling asleep. another place I think is during boring lectures at school. <.< >.>

griffinrider said...

i think best when i'm walking home from school. it's about a twenty-minute walk, and i'm usually alone, so it's a good time to brainstorm for stories. i don't know why, but there's something peaceful about it.

Beachbum said...

just like you, i love thinking in the car. on long trips i just zone out, crank up my ipod and let my thoughts go. i think it is so cool how you can be thinking about your school work one minute and about the family vacation you just got back from the next. thoughts are weird and cool at the same time.

-Gemz- said...

i usually think quite well when im out walking or like you in a car or bus. but daydreaming out of my math class window is also a good one! xD and i agree with the word cheesy that you said in my post
gemzx x

Emmie said...

cool! My thinking spot is where the walls that divide our properties is. But now I can't sit there anymore cause both neighbors have dogs. Big Scary Dogs.