Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall has been pretty awesome so far. We've been having a bunch of those perfect fall days we're the air is all crisp and cool, but still warm cause of the sun. And, of course, all the leaves are changing colors. :)

My classes at my new school aren't that bad either. I'm surprised to say this, but most of them are leaning towards the easy side.

The only thing really annoying me right now is my art teacher. He's way too strict when it comes to grading people's art and most of the time he acts like he has permanent PMS.

Here's one of the projects I did recently in his class. It's a still life. Its not supposed to be yellow, but I did take it with my cell phone camera so maybe that's why. I sort of like it though; it gives it sort of an old timey look.

Has anyone read Inkdeath yet??

^Best cover ever!^

I just noticed it came out the other day when I was in Borders. Its $25 dollars though, so I'm ordering it off amazon.com for cheaper.
If anyone's read it yet, you have to tell me how you like it, because I can't wait to read it.


xXxVynnxXx said...

I have yet to read InkHEARt. much less InkDEATH. oO I love your drawing!! In art, we're doing portraits of teachers and my mom was subbing the day I started, so I'm doing her portrait! I'm glad you're liking school. (I have creepy stalker people on my back all the time, like Mariah and Colton, so...). And yeah, TNT by AC/DC I'm pretty sure. Isn't it a great song?xD

Triss Teh said...

I thought the series was going to be cheesy, like the I-will-make-cheese-by-writing-it-down-on-paper-so-that-it-will-appear-before-my-eyes kind of cheesy. But the magic drew me in, sucked me in, into the vortex of wonderment, kalaidascoping with the prismatic myriad of the rainbow; this is the kind of book that compels you to make your own world, simply because you can. This book breaths magic into your hands.

P.S.: Um, that wasn't exactly a poem per-say. Merely lyrical is all. (And I was refering to both my post and the words above.(just now))

ruby said...

i really need to read those books


Karl [with a K] said...

u read too much lol


EMD said...

wow nice still life!
i can't draw at all....

lydia said...

hey girl! Back from italy! Pics should be up as soon as my computer is up to it. feel free to leace a message on the tagboard!


doctawho42 said...

I love, love, love your drawing, and the yellowness of its disposition. Please know that you are immensely talented.
Also, and on a slightly less effusively happy note, I kind of dislike Twilight. But I'm sure I'll see the movie, as it looks really attractive. I like attractive things, as proven by my gushyness about your drawing. Which is awesome.
P.S. And I have actually tried to read the series, I'm not one of those haters of popular things. Harry Potter was my life at one stage. SO there.
P.S.S. Hello! *cheery wave*

ruby said...

its sad. im a total book nerd and yet i haven't read the series*speeds to library and gets book*