Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Famous Last Words

Not the awesome song by My Chemical Romance, but the actual words. I found this weird funny video on mentalfloss.com . Its a short video about some ironic famous last words narrated by the Grim Reaper himself.

Best of all its in Broadway style!

Since Halloween is coming up in a few days I thought I'd post this too, in case someone needs any ideas. They're Epic Halloween Costumes.


EMD said...

that's not lame at all! don't worry about it, you're only 15 (according to your little info thing). I didn't have my first kiss till I was 17 and I'm only on my second boyfriend as a college student. Meaning I've only ever kissed two guys. And most of my friends here who are 19+ years old have never had a boyfriend.
Just wait for that special someone! Trust me, the guys to keep are the ones who prefer girls with less physical experience.

krl said...

i actually quite enjoyed them. they are quite catchy, but i didnt like them enough to buy, unfortunately.

too much heavy brassplay.

i think you'd like jamie t. try him. hes a strange artist but you may like him


Triss Teh said...

I haven't dressed up for Halloween since i was in 1st grade.

But I still plan to dress up as a Buddhist Monk, and as Death, and as a pirate, and as a ninja, just not this Halloween. One of these days.

Beachbum said...

hey alannah! i just wanted to stop by and let u know that i'm back after a long time away. i'll talk to you later.

xXxVynnxXx said...

haha, awesome.