Thursday, October 02, 2008

A New Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?!?

I realize I've been talking a lot about books lately, but I just HAD to talk about this. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and the others written by Douglas Adams are some of my absolute favorite books ever. In the words of Eoin Colfer:

"The Guide is a slice of satirical genius. A marvel of quantum tomfoolery. A dissection of the absurdities of our human condition. A space odyssey that forces us to face ourselves and collapse in hysterics. Imagine if Messrs. Hawking and Fry were locked in a room with the entire cast of Monty Python and forced to write a book which would subsequently be edited by Pink Floyd, then the result would need a lot of work before it could be cut from Douglas Adams’ first draft."

As you probably know already, Douglas Adams died before he could write anything after Mostly Harmless, the fifth book. :(

Which brings us to the big news: Eoin Colfer will be writing the sixth novel!!

Eoin Colfer is the author of the awesome Artemis Fowl series among other books.

"My first reaction was semi-outrage that anyone should be allowed to tamper with this incredible series. But on reflection I realised that this is a wonderful opportunity to work with characters I have loved since childhood and give them something of my own voice while holding onto the spirit of Douglas Adams and not laying a single finger on his five books.
Once again I am terrified by a Hitchhiker book and this time it is my own. I feel more pressure to perform now than I ever have with my own books, and that is why I am bloody determined that this will be the best thing I have ever written. And if it isn’t then I will make sure that the cover is extremely pretty."

So what do you guys think? Will he write something worthy of the Guide to the Galaxy name or will he completely screw up the series?

P.S. I may *crosses fingers* be getting a kitten soon! We submitted adoption forms for a 3 month old calico kitten and right now its pending.


Sean said...

Aw, I thought they had found some more drafts he had written. I can't really imagine anybody else writing a Hitchhiker's book.

Beaut!fully Br()ken said...

Just saw your blog..its nice!
I love your profile picture!

Karl Halliday said...

Though it would be interesting to see Eoin write one, I think the guide should stay untouched with full authorship at douglas's dead feet.

And good for you. I'd really like to urge people to follow wat you are doing. Never litter.

The world is screwed up enough.

I must say, that comment brightened my day. Feel previleged - brightening my day is hard to do. Time to add u to the link list...

Also, if you really want a slice of the action, vote against the use of cars and planes. see my links on my main blog for details :)

Thanks for being considerate to our home :)


Rebellious.rocker said...

I thought it was funny "or I'll make the cover very pretty"

I hope he writes a good onr, I like the Hitchhikers.

griffinrider said...

i'm not sure about this. i hate it when people continue a series that a different author started. people tried that with the wizard of oz series, and it was horrible. i remember being ten years old and reading a so-called "oz book" written after L.F.Baum had died, and it was horrific. i was so disappointed. i think they should just let it be.

Filo Sofia said...

They tried the same thing with James Bond books and Sherlock Holmes books, but it didn't work out.

Triss Teh said...

Eoin has too meet extremely high standards. and because he is not Douglas Adams, he will probably be graded harsher vs. if Douglas Adams wrote it (in which no one would grade it). I hope this doesn't get my hopes up into the Colinsphere though.