Tuesday, October 07, 2008


So around last week I went into the store Pet-Smart for the first time in my life. I didn't actually own a pet (long story as to why I was there in the first place). Soooo...I was completely taken by surprise when I saw that they had cats for sale there. And being the enormous sap I am I begged my parents to come and see them and adopt them. Turns out they're saps too cause in no time we were filling out the adoption papers.
They're called the Forgotten Cats Foundation and they take in cats and kittens off the street. This is how I adopted Gidget, my new kitten. She's 3 months old, a calico, and completely and utterly adorable. Gigi was found in on the streets Trenton, NJ, and was the only one to survive out of her litter.

She's been running all over the house sniffing and trying to eat/play with everything. And she purrs like a freakin' lawn mower. :D

Here's some pics of her:


krl said...

nice pics.

and ive tried. there is nothing due to lack of interest from students and teachers alike. i just usually pick up rubbish during recess and lunch.

im doing my part.


Beaut!fully Br()ken said...

Nice piks!! Thanks for your comment! Btw, I love your name !

griffinrider said...

aww, they remind me of my cat, Oreo. we found her on the street and took care of her, but after a while my mom got sick of her (my mom HATES animals) so she brought Oreo to a shelter. i miss my kitten so much! but at least she's being properly cared for. i hope.

Ingrid Kael said...

Aww! she's so cute! And that's a lot coming from me, since I'm not really a cat person.

xXxVynnxXx said...

d'aaaawww~!!! I love kitties!! I love my kitty cat Murray! I should post some pics of him!

ruby said...

ahh shes really cute.

it seem like everyone has a cat except me.

Karl [with a K] said...

man. i love that cat. it is so cute. so am i apparently according to beaut!fully br()ken. typical.


chocolate lover said...

Reminds me of my cat. She was two months old when we got her, I have no clue were she came from, my grandpa just showed up with a box. My cat happened to be in it.

justshauna said...

awwwww your kitty is sooo cute! ^_^