Monday, March 24, 2008

City of Bones!

I haven't done a book review in ages, and some people were asking what it was about; so I decided to do a summary/review of the fabulous City of Bones by Cassandra Clair and its just released sequel, City of Ashes.

Both City of Bones and City of Ashes are gripping, fast-paced, and hilarious, and I honestly couldn't put the books down until I finished them. The characters are realistic and extremely likeable, and the plot has lots of surprises. This urban fantasy is both dark and perky at the same time, which not many books can do. These books would make excellent tv mini series or movies.

"In City of Bones, the first book, Clary Fray’s world is turned upside-down. She has never thought of herself as being anything other than ordinary, until she sees a group of teenagers kill a demon—and finds that no one else can see them. Soon after that, Clary’s mother mysteriously disappears, and she is plunged into a world in which vampires and werewolves are real. She discovers that she is a Shadowhunter—a race of demon-slayers. To top it all off, she finds herself caught in a nasty love triangle with Simon, her best friend, and Jace, an arrogant, handsome Shadowhunter. " *

Awesome things found in this book:
  • motorcycles that run on demonic energies
  • the shadowhunter runes

  • Jace

  • Simon

  • New York City

  • witty dialogue

  • exciting fight scenes

The cover is the first thing that drew me in to this book. Yay for cute shirtless guys!! this was more of me telling you how great City of Bones is that an actual review, but its a start. Anyway, if you're looking for a great fantasy YA read to pass the time until Breaking Dawn comes out, check out City of Bones.

City of Glass, the third and final book in the Mortal Instruments Trilogy will be coming out around March of next year.

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griffinrider said...

sounds good.

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Wow sounds great!

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random props!

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you should be a sales person :o


sounds good!

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that sounds really good :)
thanks for the comment, but what are twinkies???
and i have been working on a book but ive kinda had a bad couple of days on that front :(
maybe it will come back to me though :)

Gemzx x

xXxVynnxXx said...

sounds cool, I should read that sometime.

Chibi Vampire is SOOO cute! It's about an abnormal vampire who meets a new student and is attracted to his blood. I already have two of my friends hooked on it. It's also a T.V. show (though Japanese)here's the link,

StAr said...

i read your comment on griffinrider's blog and, well personaly ive never read the book theif but my sister cried for a week and says she feels sorry for death, as you may know he only wears a long black cape when its chilly outside :o

apparently ALOT of people die ;(

havva nice day

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I was just wondering, how long have you been a vegitarian?

Chee said...

wow. i can never do good book reviews.

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You're converses r amazing! Where'd u get them! I want them!!!!

I LOVE stephanie meyer. I'm in the middle of reading eclipse. How sad was new moon!!
Edward (sigh) xXx

I LOVE 2 read..Stephanie meyer is my fav author!!!!


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