Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

It's St. Patrick's Day! Which I think is pretty cool even though I'm not really Irish. But more important than St. Patrick's Day, today is the day that the fourth Maximum Ride novel, The Final Warning, is released! Although I won't be able to purchase it till later this week (I envy all you people that are close to bookstores).

Has anyone read the summary they have for Final Warning on This Max Ride book is going to be focused on the environment! Yay!!

Wow...I'm such a nerd.

Anyway, here's some more St. Patrick's Day stuff!

St. Patrick is believed to have driven the snakes from Ireland. Once a pagan himself, St. Patrick is one of Christianity's most widely known figures.
The modern secular holiday is based on the original Christian saint's feast day also thought to be the date of the saint's death. In 1737, Irish immigrants to the United States began observing the holiday publicly in Boston and held the first St. Patrick's Day Parade in New York City in 1766.
Today, the tradition continues with people from all walks and heritages by wearing green, eating Irish food, and attending parades. St. Patrick's Day is bursting with folklore; from the shamrock to the leprechaun and to pinching those that are not wearing green


mella-marie said...

Its not out here yet.


griffinrider said...

max ride is out where i live, but i'm not sure i want to read it, cuz the last 2 books were so bad. most people just like them cuz the title is "maximum ride" , and not because they're any good. it's like harry potter all over again, except there's no maximum ride shampoo.


Alannah said...

:( maybe you could order the book off amazon? But that will probably cost a lot more...

There's Harry Potter shampoo?! Why?!

I agree with you griffinrider about the third Max Ride book not being so good.

xXxVynnxXx said...

I FORGOT ABOUT ST.PATTY'S DAY!!! I love this holiday and I forgot it! I have ze WORST memory! *sob* oh well, at least I didn't get pinched! where do you live? there aren't bookstores here either! I live in Kansas (haha, Can's Ass, is what me and a friend call it!!).

xXxVynnxXx said...

Kansas is pretty boring.

Fang said...

i got final warning,like right after school. anyway,cool cat picture!!!


-Gemz- said...

happy st. p day! and i cant get it! :( (max ride) (*cries*)
i have to wait

about that quiz, i have morals too lol
Gemzx x

wOlF said...

happy saint patrics day!! my grandma is irish and she goes mad evrytime its saint patrics day . . .joy