Monday, March 10, 2008


I've actually been really enjoying the art class I'm taking. Right now we're learning about hatching, cross hatching, and stipling. I think stipling is pretty cool :) This is one of the mini projects that I just completed for the class. Its a ketchup bottle! Anyhoo, I was really proud of how this turned out so I thought I'd post it here, and maybe teach you guys a little bit about art.

Stipling is an art technique were you use dots to color and add the illusion of value to you artwork. You make the dots closer together to make it look darker and farther apart to make it look lighter. I used tracing paper over a photocopy of a ketchup bottle, and a black extra fine sharpie marker to make all the dots.


mella-marie said...

LOL.. I remember doing that stuff last year.

I'm not sure if I'm happy with any of the casting for twilight....

Suzanne=p said...

wow, that sounds hard but you did a good job. art is not my best subject!

and i agree with mella-marie, the casting isn't so great. i do like victoria's possible actress though.

Suzanne=p said...

hey! i saw that you stopped by my blog, thought i would say hi. i was wondering since you are 14, are you in 8th or are you a freshman? i'm in 8th.

-Gemz- said...

good job
i agree with mella-marie too the castings not all that good!

and thanks for the ideas for my birthday, i could skydive lol maybe not!

but yea i could go down to the beach if the weather is nice.

thanks for the idea

Gemz x x

Suzanne=p said...

in 6th grade i had to do a trifold on Mesopotamia. when you said you had one to do on turkey, it reminded me of that. have fun and good luck on your homework. i'm so happy that i had none today!

-Gemz- said...

RE: bricking it

it means that im really scared/ worried
but thanks for the support :)

Gemzx x

StAr said...

mmm... i like ketchup!

good picture as i say ketchup is cool!

im not happy with the person whos playing edward...well noone could plat THE EDWARD CULLEN i guess