Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Bunny Day

P.S. I've read City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare! Its the second in the Mortal Instruements Trilogy and it was soooooooo good. Go out and buy it, or if you haven't read City of Bones go buy that one first. Now.


StAr said...

aww, sword fighting ducks r cool!!

I havent read that first book, whats it like? somone else recomended it 2 me to so im definatly gonna buy it!

happy bunny, egg, easter day

havva nice day!

xXxVynnxXx said...

Fighting is bad... you need to fight to the DEATH!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

griffinrider said...

ducks swordfighting. interesting.

city of bones? i'll keep that in mind. what's it about?

Chee said...

that picture looks quite cute lol

wOlF said...

wow ducks . . . with swords!!!!!!!!!

i think they could take over the world if they set their mind to it!!

justshauna said...

HA! love the sword-fighting peeps!