Friday, March 14, 2008

More Art!

Wow, this has been a pretty creative week for me. In my art class (which I must say I'm beginning to really love) we did this incredibly cool project where we took two playing cards (either a king, queen, or jack) and combined them together to form one card. Then we had to stipple it. I'm pretty amazed at how mine turned out.

Here's how the card looked before I stippled:

And here's how it looks with stippling:

On a totally unrelated note...anyone excited for the new Maximum Ride book coming out this Monday?
Also: New Picture from the Twilight movie set! Its from this week's Entertainment Weekly and shows Edward and James fighting.


Anonymous said...

hey i'm andrew (utahn) visit my blog any time talk to my girlfriend Amy she's an artist we're both 16. right now we have a blog fight ending i hope so if you read previous posts you'll be confused lol so visit mine some time 4 more days to go visit the maximum ride blog
i'm also part of rl (reapers of light) we're a bunch of people who come to us and we help them to not comit sucide or through depression or just to talk

mella-marie said...



YOU ARE really good at art.

mella-marie said...

My mum makes her own gravy and it is GORGEOUS.

Its lovely.

Vegetarian gravys alright.

But not as good.


wOlF said...

wow! those pics are amazing!! i cant draw fiddly stuff like that, please dont tell me anything about the max ride book, it only comes out in england in april (sob) i am v.jelouse!!!!! :]

Alannah said...

Thanks for the compliments on the art everyone! :D

mella-marie said...

Lucky you.

Im still not going to see the film.


griffinrider said...

cool card picture! i wish i had talent like that. the only thing i can draw well is smiley faces.

xXxVynnxXx said...

Maximum Ride rox!!! I love that book!!! That art is really awesome!

StAr said...

wow... its so unfait i cannot draw!!

im a perfactionist so even if i draw a little line wrong im screwing it up and throwing it in my already over flowing bin!!

i love maximun ride but im in uk so i have to wait till april!!!
life is suckish somtimes!!

havva nice day!

Fumiko Dream! said...

Your really good at drawing! I also saw the Twilight pics and I must say it looks...o.k. I'm still not excited for the movie because I don't know if it will ruin my pov of the book but I will see it just to see.

-Gemz- said...

thats really good!
yay maximum ride!
and i hope your neck gets better soon!
Gemzx x

Alannah said...

derWoot!! So many comments! :D And you guys all love my art! Thanks!

justshauna said...

Ur a really good artist!